Thursday, November 10, 2016


what were the main factors fueling the European age of expansion?


            First the increase in industrialization required both more raw materials. Need for resources and trade, spread of religious freedom, spreading' freedom' to the native people. The European conquest of America. they began as an offshoot quest to find a sea route to India, China, and the Islands of the East Indies. This was to have access to international trade. Also, markets for goods, and therefore colonization took place. In addition, there was a growth in the number of people in Europe. there was a need for these people to go someplace, and to grow someplace.


what dose Johannes Hanner have in mind when he calls America a "free country"?


    Johannes Hanners though America were better than his home many times. In America, he got freedom of religious. in fact, when he lived in German, he felt totally different. German areas were plagued by persistent agricultural crises. The land did not require payment of tithes. The wheat is grown most frequently. Also, the land is very big.   America had enough food, enough place and enough freedom to allow them to do something they want.

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